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Employee Directory

May 26, 2016
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   William AjramPresident/CEO
Kevin BanasikVice President/Cashier
  Rachel HauckAssistant Vice President/Credit Analyst
  Dan MattesBranch Manager/Loan Officer
Diana McDowellLoan Administration Manager

   Amanda CorbinCustomer Relationship Manager
   Jennifer SlachPersonal Banker
   Brittney BlahaPersonal Banker
NOTE: Information sent by email is transmitted over an unsecure connection. Do not send account numbers, account service requests (e.g., stop payment, funds transfers) or other personal information through email. Please direct all confidential inquires, complaints or error notices to Linn County State Bank, PO Box 139, Coggon, Iowa 52218 or contact a Personal Banker at 319-435-2551.
   William Ajram                               Nelson Anderson
   Joseph Carr                               Sarah Cochran
 David Eastburn, Chairman                               Michael Greiner
   Pat Kessel                               Robert Mattes
   Tom Thompson                               Tom Belin
   Steve Triplett                               Joe Spreitzer
May 26, 2016

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